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RENMIL - best group of breed  - English Cocker Spaniel

of club shows in Poland (1999,2000,2001), and of International Dog Show in Poznań (1999)

Renata Niklasiewicz

Judge of FCI VIII group

Milena Seidel
udge assistant of VIII group FCI

Our adventure with dogs has started in 1993, with an arrival of our first English Cocker Spaniel, a girl DŻETTA Miki Mouse. During that time we bred 24 Polish Champions with affix Renmil. For many years, you can admire on dog shows dogs from our kennel. Cockers from our kennel started next generations of young breeders.

For our work, we got a bronze medal of Polish Kennel Club.

Spaniels were my dream since a childhood, but I never thought that they will change my life...

In 1993 came to our house English Cocker Spaniel female DŻETTA Miki Mouse.

DŻETTA Miki Mouse
Dżettka was a typical mother, she loved her children and cared of them very well. She didn't like dog shows, always excellent but without bigger show achievements. She didn't get Champion title but she was a proud mother of 10 Champions. A real show career she had in veteran class, getting few BOB Veteran. On Club Show in 2001 she won BIS Veteran and Best Brood Bitch.

She has gone after 12 years of life and she left a big hole in our hearts.

One year later we kept a red girl GOJA Uczniowski Kaprys

She showed us what a dog show is and how tastes a winning.

She was a lady in full meaning of this word. Goja became Polish Champion, got 30 gold medals and many other titles.

Today she's running after the rainbow bridge with her friend Dżettka.

Ch.PL. GOJA Uczniowski Kaprys

First dogs from our kennel with Polish Champion title were:

- Mł.Ch.Pl.Ch.Pl.Mł.Zw.Kl. CACIB BACCARAT Renmil
- Ch.Pl. Mł.Zw.Pl. CACIB BLANCA Renmil

I mention those two dogs because of their winnings for many year. They showed that our affix is a good kennel, dignified for attention.


In 1999 we ventured to show on Club Dog Show in Opole 5 black&tan cockers from our kennel in competition of Best Kennel of a Year. We were very nervous and afraid when we saw the other kennels from whole VIII group. A judge was an experienced judge from Germany Sonia Junge. When she gave us a winning, the drops of tears were coming from our eyes. It was a big honour and distinction for us.
First litter born in our kennel in 1995, so after 4 years we got this honour.
At the same show, our Naomi, in puppy class won BIS puppy. We came back to our home with 2 cups which are the most important for us. Now on our shelf are placed more than 100 cups but those two gave us the biggest satisfaction.


 Because of a big succes on Club Dog Show, we decided to participate in International Dog Show in Poznań. Here we had bigger competition but with a big happiness we got from Mrs. Kornelia Butrimowa another title of Best Kennel. Year 1999 was very successful for us and those happy moments will stay in our memory forever.

Next year on Club Dog Show in Lublin we showed our black&tan cockers once again. We became again Best Kennel of a Year in competition of all kennels from VIII group. Naomi won BIS Junior.

Year 2001 was also full of success. On Club Dog Show in Łódź, we won once again a title of Best Kennel of a Year, and our Dżetta became Best Brood Bitch and won BIS Veteran.



Many times we showed our dogs in competition of Breed Groups at International Dog Shows and we always were in first 3 places.


A crucial year was 1999 when was born a litter out of Dżettka and english male
Ich.Cs.Ch. Quettadene ONCE MORE.
From this litter we kept a black&tan girl NAOMI.

Mł.Ch.Pl.Ch.Pl.Mł.Zw.Klubu NAOMI Renmil
She's a very awaited girl. When she was born in dark night on January, my daughter didn't look at the time, and at 2 o'clock she called all our friends with the information that she was born.

She made all our dreams come true.

Naomi is a mother of first in history of our kennel International Champion and German Champion SHOGUN.

SHOGUN - he's a special, inteligent and very emotional dog.

Shogun was born in 2002, when we lived in Poznań and we didn't think about keeping a puppy from that litter, but he had another plans. He selected us and decided to stay at home. He charmed us with his beauty and wonderful character. Everyday I thank fortune that it happend. I'm proud of him. Shogun didn't loose a passion for hunting and he has first degree diploma of hunting dog.

Int.Ch.Mł.Ch.Pl.Ch.Pl.Dt.Ch.Mł.Zw.Pl. SHOGUN Renmil

I dreamed about a beautiful black girl like Shogun. After two years we repeated a mating and we kept small black girl ROYAL DE SIRE. She became Polish Junior Champion and Polish Champion.
In autumn of the same year, after long efforts we got red girl CHARISMA z Fuzberku.

Mł.Ch.Pl.Ch.Pl. ROYAL DE SIRE Renmil

Mł.Ch.Pl.Ch.Pl. CHARISMA z Fuzberku

A big love of my daughter are also Golden Retrievers. On spring 2003 she decided to keep JASKÓŁKA BUTTERFY RENMIL z Karczewskich Szuwarów.

In 2004 we moved houses and now we live on a camp. Here we have forests, fresh air and a lot of space for us and our dogs.


First cocker in my new house was red
XANTHOS, from excellent kennel from Czech Republic of Pavel Sulcek - Z Vejminku.

Mł.Ch.Pl.Ch.Pl. XANTHOS z Vejminku
Xanthos is a friendly dog who loves all animals. A dog with big heart, on dog showes always excellent. Just in first year of showing he won 21 cups and many titles, just in 5 months. Xanthos the same like Shogun is a hunting dog.

In 2007 joined us two girls, daughters of Xanthos: red Channel  from kennel z Vejmniku and black&tan Oto Jestem, which is a real copy of her grandmother Naomi.

CHANNEL z Vejminku
Nelly looks like a porcelain figure. She's beautiful. Her lovely character makes that everyone loves her.
Otka is a full of energy dog, always ready to play. She's like her grandmother Naomi. We were waiting for her for very long time.

Mł.Ch.Pl. OTO JESTEM Renmil

In 2008 roku joined us Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from friend's kennel - Sylena. She's for us a miniature of spaniel. Inka has a character like cocker, she's very happy, lovely and energic. She's the best pal to play for our Borys.



The same year we decided to register our affix in FCI. We didn't think that our affix which consists of first syllables of our names (RENata & MILena) will be already registered. We had to change our affix a little. After long consideration, we decided to register an affix RENMIL'S DREAM, because cockers were always my dream.


In 2008 we kept two red girls. They will start their show career this year.


U ARE THE ONE - a daughter of our Naomi and excellent red dog from France Mł.Ch.Pl.Ch.Pl. CACIB Valmont des Terres Froides, who has full of english ancestors pedigree.
FINKA is a daughter of our CHANNEL z Vejminku and excellent red dog from Finland, living at kennel "Black Petrs" of Petr Studenik.

Father of FINKA, Shavian AS PROMISED is from excellent finnish kennel Shavian.

FINKA Renmil

In 2009 will stay with us black&tan girl, a daughter of Otka and beautiful dog CLARAMAND HIGH FLYER which is my perfect cocker. This dog has everything what I love in cockers. Our small star Deja Vu already looks like a copy of Naomi but we hope that she will be even better.


On beginning of Fabruary joined us red dog IN ACTION, from famous English kennel CLARAMAD

I'd like to thank Elaine Thomas for confidence and so big friendship.

Ami is a name invented by Borys, and we think is excellent for this dog. We already see that he has typical characteristics for that kennel. He has wonderful head, full of sweetness, strong bone, wide chest and typical character.
Ami is a big hope for a future.





ACACIA MAC SULO Milo Smile - "Toffi"


That's a big shortcut of Renmil's history. I hope that I'll write it for many years, because my passion became also a passion of my daughter. Borys is still a small child but we already see that he loves dogs. Today it's difficult to say if this love will be so strong to continue our breeding work. The time will show it.
Anyway, I know that my adventure which I started 16 years ago will continue until the end of my life.


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